Israeli attack in Syria: air defense base under attack

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 Israeli attack in Syria: air defense base under attack

New details emerge about an attack in Syria attributed to Israel.

Israeli fighter jets launched a series of airstrikes near the Syrian capital of Damascus and the coastal city of Tartus, according to Syrian media. . The strikes killed three Syrian soldiers and wounded three more.

The state broadcaster SANA, citing a military source, reported that some rockets were fired from outside Lebanon at the suburbs of Damascus and from across the sea at Tartus were intercepted.

A military source in Syria also said that the targets that were hit were damaged. At the same time, the source did not specify the extent of the destruction or the nature of the targets.

The footage circulating on social networks shows the burning site in the Tartus region. The SANA agency confirmed that there was a fire there.

The Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center (SOHR) claims that the Israeli strike was carried out on the Syrian army air defense base in the Abu Afsa area south of Tartus. According to the center, Iranian-backed militants are usually stationed at the base.

Ynet clarifies that rescue and emergency vehicles arrived in the area of ​​the shelling to evacuate the victims, but there was no detailed information on the number of victims.

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