Israeli Arabs Are Getting More Radical

 Israeli Arabs are getting more radical

71% of Arab Israelis consider Israel a good place to live; 68% prefer to live in Israel than in other countries; and 60% even say they consider Israel their home and motherland. 93% of Arabs living in East Jerusalem prefer to live under Israeli rather than Palestinian Authority.

When asked if they want to be transferred to an Arab government in the West Bank (as suggested by Avigdor Lieberman in one of his transmission plans), the Arabs of the “triangle” in the north, 10 to 1 preferred to remain under Israeli citizenship.

However, the behavior of Arabs during the coronavirus crisis, the behavior of Arabs during the 2021 riots in many mixed cities, the continued high crime rate among Arabs Israelis (led by powerful Arab-Israeli mafia gangs and radical Islamic movements), the continued aggressive spread of Bedouins throughout the Negev and much more — showed that Israel can no longer afford such blind permissiveness for minority communities.

In the spring issue of the Middle East Quarterly, renowned Arabist Professor Ephraim Karsh says bluntly that things are moving in the wrong direction. The Arabs of Israel are increasingly repulsed by the Jewish nature of the state, which systematically undermines state sovereignty and is a clear threat to national security.

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