Israeli Ambassador urges Security Council to 'remove microscope'

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 Israeli Ambassador called on the Security Council to

Last week, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan delivered a scathing message to the UN Security Council, saying that when it comes to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “The Council sees no forest behind the trees.”

At his quarterly open debate on the Israeli-Palestinian cause, Erdan criticized the council for focusing their conversations on trivial issues such as municipal ordinances or local tribal disputes. He called this approach counterproductive to bottom-up peace efforts. ; and shared progress, which he says is possible.

“We take a century of conflict and put it under the supermicroscope to analyze its most useless and insignificant aspects, instead of seeing the big picture and looking for real solutions to our real problems,” — Erdan told the council.

As he approaches the two-year anniversary of his appointment, he expressed disappointment that the Security Council is still holding on to its old views and methods on Israeli-Palestinian relations while the Middle East region has passed past it.

“If we are interested in moving towards a better future, the starting point must be an analysis of best practices. And we don't have to look far to find the success stories of the regional world. Just two weeks ago, during President Biden's visit to the region, the evolution of much of the Middle East – from conflict to coexistence – was openly shown to the whole world. Without groundless condemnations, repetitive disputes or venomous slanders, the countries of the region have chosen peace and have made progress as a result,” Erdan said.

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