Israeli Ambassador spoke at the UN with a photograph of murdered children in his hands

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 The Israeli ambassador spoke at the UN with a photograph of murdered children in his hands

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan addressed a special meeting of the Security Council on the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict on Monday.

In his speech, Ambassador Erdan criticized Council members for convening a meeting to denounce Israel for its work in protecting its citizens from Palestinian terror, but did not condemn or take action against the PA's bloody incitement against Israel and the PA's support and financing of terrorism.

Ambassador Erdan said: “In recent weeks, the State of Israel has mourned the deaths of eleven recent terror victims and dozens of injured. This meeting was once again initiated to condemn Israel. This time for issuing building permits in pre-existing communities. Building permits in our homeland cause international controversy, while dead Jewish children cause nothing. It's a total disgrace.”

Erdan stressed that the one who fundamentally violates all agreements, — it is a PA that is committed to fighting terror but is doing the opposite, and has also unilaterally joined the UN as an observer member without any negotiations and in complete contradiction to its commitments.

He added : “You are all aware of the huge, colossal scale of illegal construction by the Palestinians throughout Area C, in Judea and Samaria, which is a flagrant violation of international agreements — you can see it in the field. Why is this never discussed by the Council? "

The ambassador noted that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas did not even condemn the acts of murder and terror, and while the Palestinians were handing out candy to the crowd celebrating the killing of innocent civilians, Fatah representatives regarded the attack on the synagogue in Jerusalem as an act of heroism.
< br /> Erdan said that the fact that the Security Council does not consider it appropriate to consider and condemn these actions is a shame. The ambassador also said that the Palestinian Authority is conducting a monstrous propaganda campaign that Goebbels and Hitler would be very proud of.
< br />“You know, it is no coincidence that Haj Amin al-Husseini and the Palestinian leadership at the time were close allies of Hitler and later spearheaded the abandonment of the UN Partition Plan in 1947. Nothing has changed since then. The main goal of the Palestinians remained the same — prevent the existence of a Jewish state”, — he added.

In his speech, Ambassador Erdan told the stories of 11 people killed in recent attacks, including brothers Yaakov and Asher Paley, aged six and eight, who were killed in a car crash in Jerusalem. The ambassador presented their photographs and honored their memory and the memory of nine other victims of terror with a minute of silence.

“These two beautiful children were killed just because they were Jews. Today's meeting should have been called to condemn the price paid by innocent Israelis for inciting and hating the Palestinian Authority. I won't let the victims be forgotten” – said Erdan in conclusion.

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