Israeli Ambassador sends urgent letter to UN on Hezbollah's actions

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 Israeli Ambassador sent an urgent letter to the UN about the actions of Hezbollah

Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan sent an urgent letter to the Security Council and the UN Secretary General demanding immediate action against the new positions” Hezbollah, located near the northern border of Israel, which serve as a cover for terrorist activities.

Recall that Hezbollah placed shipping containers near the border that are used by Greens Without Borders. These containers serve as lookout points.

daily extends its terrorist footprints just a few meters from Israel's northern border. The aforementioned Hezbollah military installations serve as observation points used to monitor both the movement of Israeli troops and the lives of Israeli civilians on the other side of the Blue Line, Erdan's letter said.

The Israeli diplomat noted that these points could also be used as weapons stores, or cover to enter tunnels.

“Israel continues to stress that Hezbollah's expansion is responsible lies entirely on the shoulders of the Lebanese authorities, and expects the Lebanese government to take immediate action to curb the advance of Hezbollah; and building up military power,” Gilad Erdan emphasized.

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