Israeli “aircraft number 1” returns to the sky

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 Israeli Air Force 1 returns to the sky

The official state aircraft “Kanaf Zion” took off from the Nevatim base in the Negev for retraining after spending a year in a hangar at the base.

The plane, which will serve the likely Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Yitzhak Herzog, made a fifteen-minute flight.

According to Arutz Sheva, Netanyahu intends to use the aircraft despite outgoing Prime Minister Yair Lapid's plan to sell it as a civilian aircraft. After taking over as head of government, Lapid ordered the special systems on the plane to be turned off and removed, but it now appears that the plane will return to the skies with systems intact within the next few weeks.

Journalist Yaron Avraham claims that only one system is the “Magen Rakia” system, which protects the aircraft from incoming missiles. The system will now be reinstalled and full technological capacity restored.

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