Israel warns terrorists: do not try to use the legal revolution

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 Israel warned terrorists: don't try to use legal revolution< /p>

After the bombing at the Megiddo crossroads, where a 21-year-old man was seriously injured, the State of Israel sent messages to terrorist organizations in the Middle East.
< br />The Israeli media reported that the terrorists were warned: “Do not take advantage of the 'weakness' associated with the legal revolution to carry out terrorist attacks on Israeli territory. The response to your attempts to harm will be disproportionate.”

At the same time, Defense Secretary Yoav Galant's office released a cryptic statement about the investigation into the Megiddo incident. The Minister conducted a post-event assessment during which various security officials presented him with initial findings from the investigation into the events. The Shin Bet defines the Megiddo bombing as a terrorist incident with unusual characteristics. According to the intelligence service, this could lead to far-reaching consequences.

The security service is very alarmed by this terrorist incident and recognizes a growing trend in attempted terrorist attacks. During the assessment of the situation, in which, in addition to Galant, the Chief of the General Staff Herzi Halevi and the head of the Shin Bet Ronan Bar took part, the Minister of Defense instructed to continue efforts to ensure the security of the daily lives of Israeli citizens.

Also reported that the Hezbollah terrorist organization and Iran are transferring money to terrorists in Jenin to attack Israelis inside the country. In recent days, IDF forces have detained two terrorists, residents of Nablus, who, according to Palestinian sources, were arrested with a large sum of money received by them from a Fatah official in exchange for the restoration of the terrorist infrastructure of the military branch of the terrorist organization.

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