Israel to Reopen Investigation into Deadly Tire Crash After 40 Years

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 Israel to resume investigation into deadly Tire disaster after 40 years

A joint statement by the IDF, the Shin Bet and the Israeli police said that on the 40th anniversary of the disaster, the case was opened “out of respect for the tragedy and in search of the truth.”

“The secret services agreed to create a joint team to re-examine the original government commission and use modern technologies that did not exist at the time.” Tyr, known as the Communications and Assistance Office, collapsed along with the people inside.

The building also housed living quarters for Israeli soldiers and border police, as well as offices for Lebanese civilian officials who visited the Lebanese on a daily basis to obtain various permits and other documents.

76 Israelis and 14 Lebanese were killed. According to the official story, the building collapsed as a result of an explosion caused by a gas leak, but the cause is widely believed to have been a suicide bomber who crashed his car into the building.

Islamic Jihad initially claimed responsibility for the explosion, claiming that he planted bombs on timers in the building. Although Hezbollah remained silent, they later built a memorial to the terrorist martyr, 15-year-old Ahmad Qusayr from the Shia village of Deir Qanun al-Nahr near Tire.

The group also announced that the date of his death would be commemorated as martyr. "Hezbollah" even published children's books praising Qusayr as the first suicide bomber to carry out a terrorist attack against Israel.

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