Israel to establish national energy storage research institute

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 Israel to establish national energy storage research institute

The Israeli Energy Ministry has selected Bar Ilan University and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology to establish a new national energy conservation research institute, the Energy Ministry announced on Tuesday.

This new institute will be led by DOE Chief Scientist Dr. Gideon Friedman, Bar-Ilan University Center for Energy and Sustainability Research Director Prof. Doron Aurbach, and Grand Technion Energy Program Director Prof. Yoed Tzur.

The new research institute will receive a five-year budget about NIS 130 million, of which NIS 100 million will come from the Ministry of Energy and the remaining NIS 30 million will come from Bar Ilan and the Technion.

The aim of the institute is to push the Israeli energy sector to work on strategic energy challenges, as well as educate future specialists in the field and provide the industrial sector with innovative technologies created by experts in academia.

In particular, the institute will contribute to achieving Israel's goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050– target set in light of the ongoing climate crisis. This will require a full transition to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind turbines.

Since neither solar nor wind turbines have stable power generation, it is critical to develop new ways to store energy in large quantities.
Some of the areas the institute will explore include:

  • Improving the performance of fuel cells
  • Producing green hydrogen efficiently and finding a way to store it safely and conveniently
  • Safe, liquid-free and high-capacity solid-state batteries
  • New cables with very high specific power that can better transmit electrical energy.
  • Metal-air batteries with high energy density

The field of large-scale energy storage is one of the most important challenges for the strong integration of renewable energy sources. The new Energy Institute will allow Israel to become a leader in this area in continuation of the Ministry's additional efforts in the field of storage.

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