Israel: Tesla owners charge their cars from home

Israel: Tesla owners charge their cars from home

Israelis are increasingly buying electric cars, but many face the problem that they literally have nowhere to charge their cars.

This is reported by The Times of Israel .

According to the newspaper, the demand for electric cars is growing faster than charging stations can be installed in cities. In Israel, there are only 1,000 places to charge a car in total.

Because of this, Israelis have to be smart. In particular, some people charge their cars directly from home. Thick cables hang from apartment windows all over Tel Aviv. Tesla Model 3 owners share information on social media on how to recharge their car at home.

Tesla owner Sharon B. rents a private house in Ramat Gan without parking. He parked his car on the street and stretched the charger over the sidewalk so that it would not interfere with pedestrians.

“I actually built it out of a sun umbrella. I took one apart and used a folding mechanism to pull the cable out of my yard over the sidewalk so people could walk under it without any problems. ” Sharon reported.

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