Israel Rejects Islamic Jihad Demands Passed Through Intermediary

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 Israel rejects 'Islamic Jihad' demands passed through a proxy

Al-Quds Palestinian newspaper citing an unnamed Palestinian source, reports that Egypt's efforts to de-escalate tensions between Israel and the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” are still ongoing, but Israel is denying the terrorist group's requests.

“Islamic Jihad” demanded that the family of Bassem Saadi, the leader of the terrorist group in Samaria arrested on Monday, be allowed to visit him to check on his condition.

demands that Israel stop military operations in Samaria, especially in the Jenin area where Saadi was detained.
Finally, the terrorist group is demanding the release of Khalil Awawda, a detained Palestinian who went on a hunger strike, Al-Quds said.< br />
A source told the newspaper that Israel had rejected all demands.

Al-Quds also writes that Islamic Jihad appears to be interested in de-escalation, but stressed “its right to respond to the crimes of the occupation”, including Saadi's arrest.

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