Israel refuses entry to seven elected French

Clémentine Autain, Adrien Quatennens, Danièle Obono and Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the national Assembly.
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On Monday, the israeli authorities have announced that they will refuse entry to their territory of French mp’s who said they wanted to meet with the palestinian leader imprisoned Marwan Barghouthi. “We will not allow access to the land to those who call actively to take on Israel, especially when they are asking to meet with and strengthen an incorrigible murderer like Barghouthi, encouraging them to support terrorism,” said the israeli minister of public Security, Gilad Erdan, in a statement of its services and the ministry of the Interior. The israeli authorities therefore recommend that in advance to elect French, ” do not take the plane “.

The French mp of the communist Party and the party of the radical left in France Insubordinate, including four deputies, were indicated in a press release that they plan to visit Israel and the palestinian Territories from 18 to 23 November for ” alert on the situation of the approximately 6,000 palestinian political prisoners “. The delegation said, he wished to meet with Marwan Barghouthi, a senior Fatah imprisoned for over fifteen years by Israel. It is considered a “terrorist” by the jewish State, which has imposed five sentences of life imprisonment for murder for his role in the second intifada (palestinian uprising between 2000-2005). It is, on the contrary, known as “the Mandela of the palestinian” by his supporters.

“Denial of democracy and freedom ”

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The French delegation was also intended to seek to see the lawyer franco-palestinian Salah Hamouri, in administrative detention in Israel since August 23. Salah Hamouri is the subject of an administrative detention order for six months, confirmed on 22 October the supreme Court of Jerusalem. This detention regime highly criticized by the defenders of human rights, allows Israel to deprive people of their freedom for several months, renewable indefinitely, without notifying the reasons. The Quai d’orsay was said, at the end of October, “concerned” about his situation, surprised not to have knowledge of the charges and had “hoped” for his release.

In a statement, The France insubordinate denounced after the declaration of israeli “denial of democracy and freedom,” which is ” also appalling that unacceptable.” The movement, of which four members must participate in the trip, Clémentine Autain, Michel Larive, Danièle Obono and Muriel Ressiguier, called ” the president of the Republic, the government and the president of the national Assembly to respond to the threat of prohibition is not made possible “, considering that” democracy and peace “.

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