Israel receives a record number of immigrants in two decades

 A record number of repatriates arrived in Israel in two decades

About 38,000 new repatriates arrived in Israel last year after Independence Day. Thousands of families and young olims moved to the Jewish State. According to the Sokhnut, this week the returnees will celebrate their first Independence Day as Israelis. It is specified that this is the largest number of olims in the last two decades. This flow is mainly associated with the war in Ukraine, as well as with the coronavirus pandemic. According to Sokhnut, about half of the olims came from Ukraine and Russia. About 4000 people came from the USA, 3700 – from France, over 1000 – from Belarus and Argentina, more than 700 – from UK, 600 – from South Africa, 500 – from Brazil, 400 – from Canada. Also, they moved to Israel from Australia, Germany, Belgium, Chile, Italy and other countries. Olims from Ethiopia arrived as part of the Tzur Yisrael program.

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