Israel recalls popular products due to bacteria

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 Israel recalls popular products due to bacteria

Telfrost Company recalls a number of goods due to the detection of Listeria monocytogenes bacteria by the food quality control service under the Ministry of Health. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health. In particular, they respond: “Frozen broccoli inflorescences”, 800 gr, barcode 7290015089975, production date – 04/21/21, expiration date – 04/21/23. Also, “Frozen cauliflower”, 800 gr, barcode 7290015089494, production date – 05/16/21, expiration date – 01/24/01 will disappear from store shelves. In addition, “Frozen Seasonal Assortment”, 800 gr, Barcode 7290084477222, production date – 13/07/22, expiration date – 01/04/24 is being recalled. “Customers who have these products are asked not to consume them. In agreement with the food quality control service at the Ministry of Health "Telfrost" removes products from distribution channels. For all questions, you can contact the company's customer service hotline by phone: 02-6519099″, the message says.

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