Israel Prize for Musicology Awarded to Prof. Joash Hirschberg

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 Prof. Joash Hirschberg wins Israel Prize for Musicology

On Thursday, February 23, Minister of Education Yoav Kish announced the name of the 2023 Israel Prize Laureate in Musicology. They became Professor Joash Hirshberg. The corresponding decision was taken by a commission chaired by Professor Arie Vardy, consisting of Ms. Leah Agmon, Mrs. Naomi Paran and Dr. Uri Roma.

Justifying its decision, the commission wrote: “For 50 years Prolific Research Professor Hirschberg has established himself as a leading researcher in the field of musicology in the local and international arena and has made significant contributions to the study of Israeli creativity, researching music throughout the history of the state, as well as monographs on composers from Paul Ben-Chaim to contemporary composers. Over the years as a lecturer, Professor Hirschberg has trained generations of music researchers who are changing the world for the better in Israel and around the world.

The Israel Prize is the most prestigious award given in the state in various fields. This year the Israel Prize is awarded in the following areas:

  • In the field of humanities and social sciences, as well as in the field of Jewish studies: for research in philosophy and religious studies, for research in education and legal sciences.
  • < li>In the field of exact sciences: for research in the field of ecology, chemistry and natural sciences.

  • In the field of culture and art: plastic art – painting, sculpture, photography; music and musicology; sport.
  • Special Achievement Award: Lifetime Achievement and Special Contribution to Society.

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