Israel prepares for the risk of a catastrophic earthquake in the future

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 Israel prepares for the risk of a catastrophic earthquake in the future

The Ministry of the Interior is working to improve preparedness for earthquake-related emergency scenarios.

activity in Turkey and Syria, the echoes of which were felt in Israel.

“The Ministry of the Interior regularly monitors preparations for emergencies in the country. Together with other authorities and ministries, we are doing our best to increase preparedness for extreme scenarios such as an earthquake. I believe that many of the actions we have taken will achieve the desired goal and save the lives of many citizens,” said Interior Ministry Director General Rom Peretz.

It is specified that tens of millions of shekels from aid funds were transferred to local municipalities. Particular attention was paid to those who are most exposed to the possibility of earthquakes.

The Interdisciplinary Commission for the Elimination of the Consequences of Such Natural Disasters was set up by the Ministry of the Interior about a year ago. It will work jointly with the Home Front Service, the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services and the Ministry of Defense.

In the plan, the commission set a number of priority measures, including:
2.special preparation for earthquakes is carried out jointly with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency;
3. A request was submitted to the director of the National Security Council, Tzachi Anegbi, for the allocation of additional funds to strengthen buildings in risk areas.

Remarkably, after the second powerful earthquake in Turkey, Ariel Hayman, a senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies and a former senior researcher at the Geological Survey of Israel, predicted a similar scenario for the Jewish State.

He believes that Israel is not ready to face and cope with the consequences of such natural disasters.

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