Israel: Pfizer vaccine expires extended, miracle drug approved

Israel: Pfizer vaccine expiration date extended, miracle drug approved

The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has agreed to extend the shelf life of about 60,000 overdue doses of coronavirus vaccine, which were stored in Israel in compliance with all temperature standards.

This is reported by Channel 13.

It is clarified that the expiration date of vaccines, which expired in July, has been extended by three months & ndash; until the end of October. Discussions on this move have taken place over the past two weeks between health officials and Pfizer executives.

Meanwhile, the health ministry also approved the use of Regeneron for high-risk patients on Wednesday.

It will begin to be administered from September 23 at home to patients whose condition may deteriorate sharply: elderly people, citizens with transplanted organs, serious chronic diseases, as well as those who are not vaccinated. The drug will be administered intravenously.

Remarkably, Regeneron was given to former US President Donald Trump when he contracted the coronavirus. The drug is administered to prevent the progression of COVID to a severe form.

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