Israel: omicron wave to subside this week

 Israel: omicron tide to subside this week

Well-known Israeli journalist Arad Nir, who closely follows the coronavirus epidemic, reports that, according to scientists, the omicron wave in Israel will decline this week.

Nier shows a graph comparing the statistics of various coronavirus waves with the current omicron wave.

If earlier the graphs of the number of infected, seriously ill and dead were closely correlated, this is not observed in the omicron period. The number of infections has broken a crazy record of 70,000 a day, but the number of seriously ill patients has not increased much, nor has the death rate from the coronavirus.

Data from Britain and South Africa show that the omicron is declining as rapidly as starts. According to Israeli experts, already in the middle of this week we should see the “beginning of the end”; omicron.

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