Israel: Live cockroach pulled out of woman's ear

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 Live cockroach pulled out of woman's ear in Israel

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At the Laniado Medical Center in Netanya, doctors removed a live cockroach from the ear of an elderly woman.

The Jerusalem Post reports.

A woman in her 70s arrived at the emergency room and complained of a very loud noise, tingling sensation and severe irritation in the ear. Doctor Jay Wolgelernter was on duty.

Usually, an anesthetic liquid is poured into the ear canal to get the insect out of the ear. But the patient stated that she was sensitive to the drugs and that conventional treatment was not possible.

The surgeon inserted a tiny camera into her ear canal and saw a live cockroach there. Thanks to experience, the doctor was able to pull the insect out the first time. All this was done without anesthesia at all, and the patient did not move, despite the sound of the insect wings on her eardrum and the pain.

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