Israel launches largest ever LGBTQ campaign in Arabic

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 Israel launches largest LGBTQ campaign in Arabic in history

The largest public campaign in the history of Israel in support of LGBTQ people in Arab society was launched throughout the country by the Beit el-Mim organization. — an organization created to help LGBTQ people in Arab communities. +

The organization posted dozens of posters across the country, including in Nazareth, Iksal and Kfar Kanna, with the slogan “Arab society has a home for all kinds of sexuality and gender identity.” as part of the largest campaign to support LGBTQ people.

The campaign is part of a larger project aimed at creating solutions, institutions and infrastructure for LGBTQ Arabs in Israel.

“Bate el-Mim” opened an Arabic-language hotline that offers free psychological and legal assistance to those who need it. The hotline operates five days a week from Sunday to Thursday. The organization also hosts various meetings and social events throughout the year.

“The Arab LGBTQ community lived in secret in the past, but today we are starting to organize to promote the rights to the equality and security that we all have”, — the organization said in a statement about the new project.

The Israeli Association for LGBTQ Equality in Israel, commonly known as Aguda, also responded to the project, saying they are “proud of the activists who do so to make their voices heard and pave the way for creating a safe space for LGBTQ Arabs.”

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