Israel is still hot and dry

Israel is still hot and dry

Today the air will warm up to 29 degrees, there will be partly cloudy skies. It will be comfortable on the sea.

Tomorrow it will be even warmer, on the coast and in the area of ​​ u200b u200bchefel it will be about 30 degrees Celsius.

On Wednesday, December 1, there will be a cold snap, the temperature will drop by about 7-8 degrees, little cloudiness will be observed, and it will rain in the north and center of the country.

The rain will stop on Thursday, but the temperature will remain low.

Expected temperature for today : Jerusalem 15-25, Tel Aviv-Jaffa 15-26, Haifa 18-27, Beer Sheva 13-31, Lod 14-29, Nazareth 15-26, Ein Gedi 21-27, Safed 15-22, Eilat 21-33, Beit Shean 14-26, Tiberias 14-28, Katzrin 13-28, Ashdod 14-26, Mitspe Ramon 17-25 and Afula 13-28

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