Israel is developing long-range stealth drones to strike Iran

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 Israel develops long-range stealth drones to strike Iran< /p>

The Israeli government has tasked local businesses with developing faster, longer-ranged, and stealthy drones to counter Iran. Breaking Defense writes about this, citing defense sources.

Israel fears Iranian attacks in the future, so it needs new attack drones. Sources say that Israeli companies are now assembling at least three drones, which are at different stages of production: some are fundamentally new models, while others — modifications to existing ones.

The developers plan to try to increase the service life of the UAV and make them “invisible” for radar. For example, the Hermes-450 drone is equipped with a very noisy rotary engine, the sounds of which do not pose much of a problem during normal flights, but can disrupt covert operations. A few years ago, IAF and Elbit installed silencers on UAVs, but this was not enough, so new drones require other types of propulsion systems.

One of the sources added that the Israeli Ministry of Defense is also interested in developing new types of useful loads that will allow you to perform a variety of tasks during long-distance flights. In addition, officials are considering light UAVs with very powerful warheads and the possibility of refueling in the air.

Israel has not advertised the presence of drones of its own production for many years, and only this summer the government of the country lifted the censorship ban on media coverage of this topic. . According to multiple sources, the government took this step due to a lot of pressure from industrial companies to enter foreign markets.

A new Viper kamikaze drone was recently introduced in Israel. SpearUAV said that it equipped the UAV with a special artificial intelligence system that allows it to detect, identify, track and hit targets with high accuracy.

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