“Israel is a Jewish State”: in the PA – a storm because of the words of Abbas

The Palestinian Authority has attacked with sharp criticism the deputy of the Arab party RAAM Mansur Abbas because of his statement that Israel was and will be a Jewish State.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas was one of the outraged.

“These irresponsible statements are consistent with calls by extremists to expel Palestinians and damage the status of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and history of the Palestinian people & quot ;, & ndash; said the namesake of the Israeli MP.

According to him, such statements “ contradict religion, history and Palestinian heritage. '' The PLO Executive Committee also joined in the criticism, expressing “strong condemnation.” Abbas accused of supporting 'racist' Israeli laws and 'extremist politics' Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked.

Fatah called the deputy's words “ the result of a cheap alliance with the Zionist narrative. '' Abbas was accused of “betraying the Palestinians and the national cause for the sake of Zionism.” Oddly enough, there were some harsh statements from Hamas.

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