Israel introduces mandatory energy classification of housing

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 Mandatory energy classification of housing is introduced in Israel

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Israel this week introduces a mandatory energy classification of housing, which has existed in the EU for many years.

We are talking about seven categories energy efficiency – from A + to F, indicating the energy intensity of the apartment, that is, the amount of energy needed for normal conditions in the house. It depends on the thermal insulation of the apartment, the materials used in the construction, the size of the windows, the layout of the apartment and its location.

All of these factors can significantly affect the energy costs of property owners in the future.
Construction companies are now required to provide buyers with an energy classification of an apartment. For now, this will only apply to new homes.

In the EU, this rule applies to any property, like the rainbow class stickers on any electrical appliance.

The cost of housing strongly depends on the letter of the energy classification. So, in France, energy-efficient apartments are sold on average 3-19% more expensive than less economical ones. These are apartments that consume no more than 50 kWh per square metre.

The bottom three rungs are electrically heated homes built to old insulation standards (before the 1970s oil crisis. These are homes where heating a square meter requires more than 231 to 450 kW. Apartments and houses of the last three categories are called “thermal sieve” and from 2022 the owners of such housing are prohibited from raising the rent. energy”.

In Israel, where almost all winter heating is electric, 30% of electricity is spent on heating and cooling housing, office and retail premises.

Therefore, the three ministries of energy – , Ecology and Housing – decided to introduce the European classification of energy intensity of housing in the country. The best two levels will be designated as A + and A, and the worst level – F.

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