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 Israel. Inner Light

An exhibition of five Israeli photographers opens on December 1 in Netanya, at the Gallery on the Rock.

Mikhail Levit, Ernest Aranov, Dmitry Brikman, Shlomo Bronstein and Kirill Utevsky will present photographs dedicated to the country where they live.
Each of these five photographers shoots in their own, recognizable manner. Everyone shoots Israel. Each of them has his own Israel, special, extraordinary, permeated only by him with visible light. The photographer's skill lies precisely in seeing in his own way and capturing this author's view in order to show others.

 Israel. Inner light

The exposition of the eminent master Mikhail Levit, who has been photographing only the holy city for the last 30 years, is called “My Jerusalem”. “A person who has a dark and gloomy inside cannot have an inner light. Light starts with me and then transfers to my work. Even in the darkest tones, they are light. From within. They are illuminated by my inner light as well as by the outer light. – Michael talks about the exhibited works.

Israeli photographer, filmmaker, producer, TV writer Ernest Aranov called his exhibition “The Cloud”. The characters in his photographs live their own lives without noticing the photographer's lens: “The city draws us into a cloud of plots, the camera turns into an instrument of intuition and spontaneity. A street scene cannot be re-enacted and cannot be planned in advance. Each plot is unique. In this cloud, it's nice to wander and catch the light.
It's a way to feel, touch, and observe the funny and wonderful. Basically, these random city photos – my key to understanding the country and declaring my love for the people.

Israel. Inner Light

Dmitry Brikman, journalist, photographer, author of the “Children's Non-Children's Question” program, will show “Shadows and Prayers of Jerusalem” at the exhibition.
“People have been coming to Jerusalem for thousands of years. They come in order to contact the highest authority without intermediaries and directly. They raise their eyes to the sky, or lower them to the ground, or look at the fire or the ancient stones of the Wall and speak words. Words of prayer.
So it turns out that one day we come into this world. And then we leave without taking with us from here anything that we created and without leaving here anything that we understood and felt. All that remains of us – these are blurry shadows. Will stay for a while. Then they will leave too. Shadows.

“Layers of space” Shlomo Bronstein, a professional photographer who has been working in the Israeli media for many years, talk about the multidimensionality of the world: “The world is multidimensional and it is impossible to talk about “objective” reality. I think it's about feelings. Each of them is very personal and there can be no single approach in describing the surrounding reality. Moreover, like Photoshop, which allows you to separate the image into layers, everyone finds his own layer that coincides with the subtle vibration of his soul. To achieve the desired effect, I do the imposition of numerous layers. They allow you to accurately convey the artistic intent, to achieve the desired tonality, the play of images, light and shadow.

 Israel. Inner light

The youngest of the participants of the exhibition, who recently arrived in Israel, is a self-taught photographer who has been successfully working in various genres, including advertising, for a long time, Kirill Utevsky. Its exposition is called “The Fifty-Eighth Century”. not without reason: “In the Jewish calendar, September 25, the year 5783 began, which means we are in the LVIII, fifty-eighth century. That's the name of the project. These are portraits of 10 charismatic Russian-speaking rabbis, their students and interlocutors.
Connoisseurs of the wisdom of the Torah, rabbis and teachers live in this century.

They seem to bring the wisdom of the three-thousand-year-old Torah into today by a time machine. I looked behind the scenes of this amazing world and showed the teachers and their students.

Exhibition «Inner Light» organized by BARD Productions in cooperation with the Netanya City Hall. Special thanks to Boris Tsirulnik, member of the city council, head of the Aliya and Integration department and constant initiator of cultural events in the city.
5 photographers, 5 angles, 5 angles of view, 5 internal glows, one Israel.
Exhibition curator Lika Dlugach

1–26 December 2022
“Gallery on the Rock”, Netanya, HaMa'Apilim, 19

Israel. Inner Light

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