Israel in the American rating of “the best countries in the world” is the leader in military power

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 Israel in the American ranking of the “best countries in the world”– military leader power

In the ranking of the “best countries in the world”, regularly published by the American magazine US News&World Report, Israel in 2022 ranked 37th out of 85 countries&ndash ; between Russia and Argentina.

The compilers of the rating rank “overall quality” countries of the world according to the widest range of parameters – from the economy, military power and ability to influence world politics to quality of life, cultural identity, entrepreneurial spirit, openness, beauty of landscapes, historical monuments, sexual freedom and much more.

For most scales and parameters of “evaluation” Israel are pretty mediocre. A relatively high place in the first half of the rating was given to the country by two factors – military power and political influence in the world. In terms of military power, Israel is ranked among the world leaders; in terms of the degree of political influence, it is also ahead of many larger and richer countries.

Israel is among the worst, and on the scale of “sexuality” received a discouraging “zero” rating.
According to the summary scale “quality of life” country in 44th place, in the worst half of the ranking. Here Israel is pulled down by four factors – high cost of living, insecurity, severe income inequality and political instability. Economic stability improves the position, the quality of public education and healthcare received mediocre ratings.

Maintain positions on the “entrepreneurship” – 26 out of 85 – Israel is helped by a high level of education of the population, technological literacy, an innovative spirit and a good digital infrastructure. This is countered by “opaque business practices” and low availability of capital for investment.

Worst of all is “openness for business”, with Israel ranked 81 out of 85 countries on this scale. It's not about corruption and bureaucracy – Israel is one of the relatively non-corrupt and not too bureaucratic countries – According to the rating compilers, the tax environment here is almost the worst in the world (0.4 on a 100-point scale) and expensive industrial production. On this scale, Israel ranks 53rd out of 85, slightly above Russia – because of indifference to racial discrimination, gender equality, climate issues, animal rights and even social justice. Israelis are relatively active only in protecting property rights, distributing political power and defending human rights – marks from 18 to 14 on a 100-point scale.

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