Israel: Hundreds of Fake Glock Pistols Sold to Bandits

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 Israel: Hundreds of Fake Glock Pistols Sold to Bandits

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About two weeks ago, in one of the settlements in the center of Israel, three gangsters from a large criminal organization, late in the evening, ambushed a gangster from a rival clan and two of his people at the entrance to a prestigious institution. The goal is to eliminate them due to a financial dispute worth millions of shekels. For this purpose, the squad members were equipped with new Glock pistols, but when they tried to carry out an assassination attempt and open fire, all three misfired.

Those who tried to shoot at the assassination – and quickly disappeared, the killers ran after them, but could not shoot. The attempt was thwarted. “The morning after the incident, I took the pistols to my friend who had once served in the police, and he laughed in my face,” said one of the perpetrators, “he explained to me that the pistols were fake, and that who he fooled us and sold us a copy.”

“I bought 20 pistols and paid 35,000 for each, and they cheated me out of 700,000 shekels,” the criminal repeated, “the number of the dealer I bought from is disabled. We will follow him around the world, he does not know who he is dealing with. If he does not return the money to me, we will kill him and harm his family.” This is not the only bandit who fell into the trap, it turns out that dozens of criminals who bought these pistols fell into it. And it is estimated that this is a fraud worth about 50 million shekels.

In another case, a well-known arms dealer in the underworld offered for sale several hundred pistols of this type, which he said he received in the result of smuggling, at a cost of 35,000 shekels each. Many criminals fell into this trap and bought weapons without testing them. "We trusted him. After the malfunction appeared and he disappeared, we realized that he had deceived us,” explained one criminal from a criminal organization from Ha Sharon, “It is impossible to find him, he must have hidden the money and spent some of it.”

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