Israel: huge queues at COVID testing sites

Israel: huge queues at COVID testing sites

On Saturday, coronavirus testing centers were overwhelmed, and Israelis waiting for the test stood in long queues for hours.

According to The Times of Israel, testing centers run by the Logistics Service are experiencing congestion. This is due to the fact that some of the health insurance companies, where tests are also done, have been closed.

Several people told Israel TV Channel 12 that they had waited about two hours to have the test done in Jerusalem, Tel. Aviva and Petah Tikva. According to Ynet, it took three hours to wait in line to get tested in Modi'in.

Target-Medcare, which conducts tests at Home Services facilities, said it was the busiest day since the fifth wave of COVID. .

“Over the past few hours, we have broken test records in recent months,” the company said.

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