Israel hopes ceasefire will help return captives

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 Israel hopes ceasefire will help return prisoners< /p>

The end of hostilities in Gazema could advance negotiations between Israel and Hamas on a potential prisoner swap deal.

An Israeli Defense Ministry spokesman said, Ynet reported.< br />
Speaking to the media, the official said that Hamas chose to remain on the sidelines during this latest round of fighting in no small part because of economic problems. The fact is that the thousands of Gazans working in Israel are a vital source of income for the Gaza economy.

solving the problem of prisoners and missing persons. This is a carrot and stick problem, and the economic well-being of the people of Gaza, along with containment, can keep the peace and contribute to solving the problem of prisoners and missing persons,” Harutz Sheva quoted an unnamed official.

Israel and Hamas time occasionally negotiate a potential prisoner exchange deal brokered by Egypt.

Hamas is known to be holding civilians Avera Mengistu and Hisham al-Sayed, who voluntarily made their way to Gaza, as well as the bodies of two Israeli soldiers, Oron Shaul and Adar Goldin.

One of the main factors hindering progress in negotiations is Hamas' demand that Israel release a large number of Palestinian prisoners. Some of them are serving life sentences for committing deadly terrorist attacks against Israelis.

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