Israel hit the port of Latakia

Israel struck the port of Latakia

Syrian State TV reported that the Israeli Air Force attacked the port of Latakia in the west of the country.

The bombing caused a massive fire in the port and violent explosions are heard .

Syrian TV said most of the Israeli missiles fired at the port were intercepted.

A military source told the Syrian news agency Sana: & ldquo; At 01:23 am the aggression of the Israeli enemy. '' According to the source, several missiles were fired at the port from the Mediterranean Sea, southwest of Latakia.

Five powerful explosions rocked Latakia as a result of the fire. Syrian firefighters managed to extinguish the fire in the port.

The last Israeli attack in Syria was carried out on November 24, when IDF aircraft attacked Hezbollah's warehouses and air defense batteries in the province of Homs.

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