Israel has its driest winter season in 60 years

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 Israel has its driest winter season in 60 years< /p>

Israel is experiencing its driest winter in about 60 years, with significantly less rainfall than the corresponding period last year.

Data from the Israel Meteorological Service show this. rainfall, according to the Times of Israel.

According to the data received, precipitation this winter season raised the water level in the Kinneret by only 2 centimeters, which is significantly lower than during the corresponding periods (between the beginning of the winter season in December and January 19) in recent years. At the same time, the average Israeli winter, which lasts from December to March, leads to an increase in the water level in the lake by about 1.6 meters.

As the authorities explained, the long periods between rains in the first half of the winter season in this year resulted in slower flows from streams and hill runoff in the northern regions and thus limited the amount that the water level could rise.

Eyal Wiesel, director of the hydrological service at the State Water Supply and Sewerage Administration, said the 2cm is the most modest increase since 1964, when nationwide rainfall measurements began. According to him, in the winter of 2022-2023, the water level in the Kinneret began to rise only on January 12.

Wiesel said that the current situation “at the moment is not of particular concern” because over the past few years There has been a large amount of rainfall each year.

Dr. Amos Porat, director of the climate department at the Israel Meteorological Service, said that “40-50% of the rainfall” has fallen during the winter season so far. compared to the corresponding periods in recent years.

According to Porat, the winter continues and there is a chance that the situation will change.

“I don't use the word 'drought', because it's something the government decides and it has economic consequences, but we know what we're talking about,” he said.

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