Israel has developed the protection of combat drones from electronic warfare

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 Israel has developed the protection of combat drones from electronic warfare

InfiniDone, an Israeli supplier of GPS security technologies, has released the latest anti-jamming product GPSdome 2, which provides simultaneous dual-frequency 3-direction protection for small and medium tactical UAVs, as well as manned and unmanned ground vehicles.

GPSdome 2 provides more effective and cost-effective protection for mission-critical sites in adverse GPS environments. Described by the company as a small device with a minimum power consumption of half a kilo and a size of 87x91x61.55 mm, it is very well suited for loitering ammunition, as well as drones and small medical UAVs, increasing fault tolerance, extending mission time and providing excellent ROI.

The fully autonomous system is compatible with off-the-shelf GNSS receivers as well as standard active antennas, which means it can be integrated into existing GPS systems or new product lines, manned or unmanned.

The system provides the platform and its network with actionable real-time information and analysis of the GPS attacks it detects in the field. GPSdome 2 — it is a non-ITAR dual purpose device with additional military specification compliance.

“We are incredibly proud to present our latest solution for protecting small and medium UAVs and ground vehicles from GPS interference. We are confident that our latest offer will hit the mark, — said Omer Sharar, CEO of InfiniDome.

According to the company, the new system has already been selected by a leading Israeli defense contractor to integrate with their platforms.

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