Israel has developed a combat electric scooter

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 A combat electric scooter developed in Israel

Israeli start-up company Mia Dynamics has developed a scooter for military and security purposes

Israeli start-up Mia Dynamics is in the process of launching a four-wheel electric scooter that is designed for accomplishment of military tasks. The company's first model, the Mia Four, a lightweight quad board, achieves a range of 45 km and a top speed of 45 km/h.

According to the company, this is a tool with a unique patent – a tilt system that allows for improved suspension movement. The system developed by the company copes with side slopes, when the surface on which the driver stands remains balanced, regardless of the angle of the suspension. The system also provides better damping of road irregularities. The force of the shocks that the suspension takes during a ride is reduced on the way to the steering wheel.

The scooter is equipped with a removable battery, 15-inch wheels, 2×4 drive. It will be followed by a dual-drive model. The Four weighs 42kg (excluding battery) and is 680mm wide.

“When you pull off the road into sandy or unpaved terrain, you need to make adjustments to keep the driver stable,” explains the company. . “It's light, electric, stable and safe. There is interest in Israel and around the world from defense companies and armies.”

“Our vehicle combines the dynamic capabilities of a two-wheeler with the stability, handling and safety of a four-wheeler. A significant advantage, in addition to high maneuverability, is also the ability of the vehicle to move silently in the field next to the infantry and maintain an element of surprise. In one of the armies that tested the tool, they also noted. what is very important is that the soldier can carry the scooter on his back.

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