Israel has created a new generation of anti-tank missiles

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 Israel has created a new generation of anti-tank missiles

An Israeli weapons manufacturer has presented the sixth generation of the Tamuz multifunctional anti-tank missile. The new development has unique capabilities that have no analogues, write

What Tamuz-6 can do:

the operator is able to control four missiles at once, which were launched from
the missiles fly at different distances and can destroy several targets at once;
thanks to image matching technology, the missile is able to recognize targets with higher accuracy during the flight before hitting.

For example, the last generation of missiles were launched at coordinates. Thanks to optical and electronic sensors, Tamuz-6 independently learns the location of the target, which facilitates the work of the operator;

control of the missile can be transferred to the second party. If the projectile was launched from installation “A”, then control can be transferred to installation “B”, which is also in the combat zone.

“Tamuz-6” travels up to 50 kilometers when launched from a helicopter and 32 kilometers when launched from the ground.

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