Israel, get ready! The punk-rock band “Kis-kis” is coming to us!

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 Israel, get ready! Punk-rock band "Kis-kis" is coming to us!

No more restrictions, only youth and intoxication! Only love and freedom! All this will be experienced by fans of punk rock on December 2. Do not look for mysterious signs, there is no numerological mystery here either. There is only a fact: on December 2, 2022 in sunny Tel Aviv with a single concert as part of the “mad” of the tour will perform well-oo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o for extraordinary St. Petersburg – tireless St. Petersburg rock-and-roll girls of the punk-rock group «Kis-kis»!

 Israel, get ready! Punk rock band "Kis-kis" is coming!

Girls without censorship, that is, obscenities, with the songs “Bitch”, “When I Die”, “Girl-Boy”, and other new and old tracks, will clearly and intelligibly tell “how to stop worrying and start living.” It will be a tenfold hit with a new sound, more serious, adult themes of the songs, a fresh look at the details. This is a completely new stage in the life of "Kiss-kiss" like groups. And cute "scum" well, they really want all the important, intimate moments for the group to be shared with them by the spectators and fans who came to the show.

And so it will be, the fans will say: wherever "Kis-kiss" did not sound – whether it is the tops of various charts, author's playlists or just a recommendation in social networks; whether it's a TV show, a concert or a festival, – these St. Petersburg “scum”, who, by the way, are fighting violence against women, ignite and anneal to “one hundred percent” in non-stop mode!

…This is not the first time the reader has come across the word «scum» and probably ofi…ate (thinking): what kind of fi…nya (nonsense) is this, what kind of offensive slang is this? Yes, the group walks along the edge; yes, it sings of sexual perversions, but THIS IS AN EXTENSION!..

Let's be clear: in our case, “scum” – this is not an insult, but an affectionate expression that recognizes the talent of girls and welcomes their desire not to be afraid to be bold and liberated, bold in thoughts, songs, actions both in life and on stage.

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We welcome everything for which the Kis-Kis group was “awarded the title of” scum “, but already from the lips of a Russian official, a deputy of the Krasnoyarsk City Council Vyacheslav Dyukov. He not only did not understand, did not appreciate the work of the group (and whether he tried – is a big question). He did everything to disrupt the concert in the city of Krasnoyarsk and interfere with the big tour of “Kiss-kiss” in the south of Russia.

Someone will say: well, of course, the official prevents the population from cultivating, and especially young people; deprives the people of spectacles, even more so the youth. Yes, that cannot be! Deprive money – yes, but not spectacles! No more will be chosen! Very well.

And in order not to sully the name of the official (and it’s too late, my friend), the official, one might say stereotyped for the organizers, version of the disruption of the Kis-Kis concert was chosen. in the Mods bar: “technical problems.” Of course, everyone “believed”, especially when they saw that from the moment the concert was canceled until the very day of the concert, bands played in the bar, and “technical problems” turned out to be not so terrible…

…By the way, while the group's managers were dealing with the organizers, an interesting document was drawn: the deputy of the Krasnoyarsk City Council Vyacheslav Dyukov was so surprised (or excited? ..) by the announcement of the performance of the Kis -kiss, he was so outraged (or was it turned on?) that the girls sang sexual perversions from the stage that he could not think of anything else but to call the members of the punk rock band “scum”.

Later it turns out that the main reason for the disruption of concerts throughout the south of Russia by the group “Kis-Kis” will become… and you won't guess – no, not sexual perversions of “scumbags”.

 Israel, get ready! punk-rock band "Kis-kiss" is coming to us!

Russian officials considered it unacceptable that the girls directly from the stage at their concerts, just like about love, boldly and openly express support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the “Kyiv regime”.

This was confirmed in the official “unsubscribe” group managers. Here is the “iron” argument of the deputy Dyukov, whom we know in absentia. ATTENTION, we quote: “Cancellation of concerts will help preserve sovereignty from Western abominations that corrupt our children and youth” hellip; We rub our eyes and read again: «…preserve sovereignty from the western abomination&»». And don't laugh – the deputy writes serious things! As they say, no comments…

group. Like, with such a “spoke in the wheel” on such and such – deputy – level, «Kiss-kiss» definitely won't pull it out.

Wrong, “darlings”! All this “bureaucratic meat grinder” certainly will not stop and cool the ardor and hearts of those who assemble concert halls and stadiums. On the contrary, these devilish difficulties only turn on, excite and encourage new actions! Remember, enemies, "KIS-KIS" NOT DEAD! St. Petersburg “scum” went on a "mad tour" where they are welcome, where loyal fans are waiting for their naked bodies and souls in a figurative and literal sense!

First stop – Israel, where, by the way, “Kis-kiss” comes not the first time. It is from sunny Tel Aviv that the “crazy tour” begins. “Kiss-kiss”: cute and sexy “scum” they will burn and burn to the fullest, and in this they will be helped by a warm, loving, understanding and accepting audience for who they are!

 Israel, get ready! The punk rock band "Kis-kis" is coming to us!

Girls «Kiss-kiss» have matured and are sure: many more big (mad) tours are waiting for them, they will gather thousands of stadiums in different countries. They will continue to conquer new heights just as boldly and boldly and delight the army of fans with their shocking creativity.

It will be, it will definitely be “tomorrow”. And «today», here and now the punk-rock band «Kis-kis» is holding dress rehearsals for a one-of-a-kind show in Tel Aviv! We are waiting for all fans of cool female punk rock on December 2, 2022 at the Gagarin club. It will not just be hot, but hot!..

Producers in Israel: Stardust Entertainment

Ticket sales are in full swing!

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