Israel: gangster put under house arrest… in a hotel

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 Israel: gangster placed under house arrest… in hotel

mako reports “unusual” decision of the district court in Ashkelon.

The court considered the case of two gangsters from the south of Israel – Dean Ben-Porat and Daniel Mels.

During a police raid in the courtyard of Ben-Porat's house, they found explosives, hell machine parts, a gun and ammunition.

Police suspect that Ben Porat and Melsa were intent on getting revenge on rival gang member Beni Shlomo after they tried to eliminate them.

The judge, Meirav Amar-Cohen, decided to release both under house arrest. At the same time, Ben-Porat was put “under arrest” in one of the hotels in the center of the country, and not in his house in Nitzan. This was done in order to “calm down the passions” among rival bandits.

Four days later, Ben Porat and Melsa were released without any restrictive conditions. The reason is that the police “have no direct evidence” that the found weapons are connected with Ben Porat and Melsa.

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