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From September 15 to 22, the traditional, already 61st Israel Festival will be held in Jerusalem in a new format and with an interesting program. The phrases “you've never seen anything like it” and “you haven't heard anything like it yet” fully describe the program of the festival, which will show the opera production Sun & Sea – one of the most discussed productions in the world today, the winner of the Venice Biennale 2019; performance by Theo Marcia from France; boutique theatrical trilogy from the USA, show cooperation with artists from Turkey and unique author's productions with the participation of Gon Ben-Ari and Oren Fischer, Renana Raz, Bari Sakharov, Roni Kuban, Tal Fridman, Dudu Tas, Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai-Cohen , Korine Kitsis, Itay Zvulun and Daniel Koren, Kabareh Cheikhats from Morocco and others.

This year, almost all performances (with the exception of one – the final one) will be held in the center of the capital of Israel, in the halls of the Jerusalem Theater “Teatron Yerushalayim”. or next to it. Halls, foyers, corridors, all the premises of the theater will become a living, pulsating center of artistic and creative events, and will offer the audience the opportunity to think about what the performing arts is, what place Israeli culture occupies on the general stage, what all this requires from the audience and how it affects on all of us.

Artistic directors of the festival – Itay Mautner and Michal Vaknin– this is how they say about changes in the festival program: “Changes. This is extremely important. Tiny or dramatic, aesthetic or essential, conscious or tangible. Change, or at least the very beginning of it, is the process that we are exploring. Drop by drop, little by little, when the time is right… We watch as change seeps in through the finest cracks, and as new agreements sow the seeds of change. Therefore, any change is extremely important.

Eyal Sher, General Director of the Festival: “This year’s festival is positioned as “creative”, and not just “curatorial”. Most of the program consists of original original productions created especially for the festival by captivating, incendiary, special artists who, to our delight, consider the Israel Festival to be their home. At the same time, the program of this year's Festival will present the best cultural phenomena from all over the world, expanding our ideas and creating a boundless dialogue between people of creative groups. We're excited and looking forward to the day we can bring our art program to the public.”

 Israel Festival September 15 & 22, 2022 - tickets are on sale now!


Joint work of theater director Rugile Barzjukaite, playwright Vaiva Grainite and composer Lina Lacelite. This opera was first performed in Lithuanian at the Vilnius National Gallery in 2017, and later, specially for the 58th Venice Biennale in 2019, it was translated into English.
The World of “Sun and Sea” – a performative opera about the problems of the climate crisis – it is the world that the public looks at from above. Elegant and witty, this captivating show offers a new way to tap into the climate debate while remaining fun, spectacular and impactful opera.
Performance by Sun & Sea won the Venice Biennale in 2019 and has since taken part in the world's largest and most important festivals.
20 opera singers portray ordinary vacationers. Someone is lying in a sun lounger, someone is stretched out on a beach towel. Either solo or in chorus, they talk from their seats about everyday things.
Not a single modern environmental threat has been identified, but this is not necessary. We are already suddenly thinking about the ozone holes, because of which the sun's rays become more aggressive, about climate change, about pollution of the world's oceans..
This show is coming to Israel for the first time and will be shown for five days. The number of tickets is limited. The audience stands on the balconies at a height of four meters above a special stage platform specially erected on the stage of the Sherover Hall.

Theatron Yerushalayim. Login – every half an hour.
The entrance is free. Pre-registration is required on the festival website.
The opera is in English.
September 15 – 18:00 – 21:00
September 16 – 11:30 – 14:30
September 17 – 20:30 – 23:00
September 18 – 19:00 – 22:00
September 19 – 18:00 – 21:00

 Israel Festival 15 &ndash ; September 22, 2022 - tickets are on sale now!

Between Ankara and Jerusalem, between Izmir and Tel Aviv, between Istanbul and Sderot, an unofficial dialogue is going on all the time. There is something about Turkish music that touches the heart and becomes a source of inspiration for local musicians. On this axis between Israel and Turkey, music has been created and is being created, which has become one of the hallmarks of our region. The best musicians from all over the world come together for one festive evening to perform this music on stage in a concert full of love and an endless party atmosphere. With the participation of Bari Sakharov, Dudu Tas, Balkan Beat Box, Red Access, Kalban (Turkey), Genest (Turkey), Murat Ertel – the legendary soloist of the group “Baba Zula” (Turkey), Harel Shahal and others.
Musical direction – Shlomi Alon (Ha-Dag Nakhash band)
The concert is held in cooperation with the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Foundation.
September 22, 20:00 | Gan Ha'atzmaut, Jerusalem.
Tickets are 199 shekels.

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets are on sale now!

VHS – HELLO FROM OF THE PAST – stage interpretation of the family archive
Cast: Tal Friedman, Shirley Dashe, Roni Kuban, Renana Raz, Doron Nesher, Korin Kitsis, Yossi Tzabari and Efri Knaani.
Everyone has already forgotten about the VHS tapes stored in the bowels of the storerooms or on the mezzanines. Cassettes that have become time capsules in faded colors and flickering frames, telling stories from the life – family events, trips, lost memories, funny hairstyles, first words. Time has moved these cassettes and memories from the shelves in the living room to the dusty shelves of oblivion..
Ranana Raz and Nitzan Cohen invite various artists to find moments that are meaningful to them on old home tapes and reproduce them on stage. The new format creates a frontal and visual encounter with who we were and with the time gone by.
"Teatron Yerushalayim". September 21 – 21:15; September 22 – 20:00.
Ticket prices – 135 shekels.

In 1974, the actor, director, poet, translator, playwright Shmuel Fischer, who wrote in Yiddish, founded the “Temple of the Eye” in southern Israel. – a house of prayer dedicated to the missing eye of Moshe Dayan, and a place of worship for the phenomenon of “nothing”. “Temple of the Eye” became a kind of club for the then bohemia. In 2021, the “Temple of the Eye” was found intact in the mansion of the Dayan family, and a new question surfaced on the surface of public discourse – is it possible that Dayan bought the temple not in order to get rid of it, but in order to arrange some Kabbalistic rituals in it and conduct psychoactive job?
Writer, journalist, screenwriter and filmmaker Gon Ben-Ari (a descendant of the Dayan dynasty) and artist and curator Oren Fisher (a descendant of the Fisher dynasty) present never-before-exhibited artifacts from the Eye Temple at the Israel Festival. Oren Fischer also prepared an exhibition of large-scale paintings inspired by the work of his grandfather, and Gon Ben-Ari presents a musical evening with the participation of the ensemble and choir, vocalists and musicians, inspired by the songs from the “Temple of the Eye”.
With the participation of: Dova Elboima, Lior Dayan, Oren Fischer, Gon Ben-Ari, Yael Abakasis, Barak Cohen and members of the Zulat Choir.
Theatron Yerushalayim, September 21, 21:00; September 22, 21:30.
Ticket prices – 135 NIS.

On the stage of the “Theatron Yerushalayim” Hilula will take place: a personal and contemporary interpretation by Neta Elkayam and Amit Hai-Cohen, who draw a new skyline between Morocco and Israel. More than twenty artists from Morocco and Israel are participating in this performance, creating together a mixture of hafla – a modern Middle Eastern style party, musical performance, cabaret, documentary theater and modern hamar – a community cafe-club, a kind of teahouse. The spectators are placed on the same stage with the musicians and become an organic part of the grandiose celebration staged specially by order of the Israel Festival. Neta Elyakam, Amit Hai-Cohen, Noa Melamed-Vejano, Gal Maestro, Tal Avraham, Reuven Abergil and more.
Admission for over 18s – alcohol and snacks will be served during the show.
“Theatron Yerushalayim”, September 21, 21:00; September 22, 21:00.
Ticket prices – 150 NIS.

 Israel Festival 15 &ndash ; September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

COMFORTABLE SOLUTIONS FOR A HAPPY LIFE – a dance that assembles furniture and disassembles perception (France)
Directed by Theo Marcia and Stephen Michel
A mass of advertising messages in the multi-corporate world are trying to convince us that material things – this is happiness, and the right life is an idea on the shelf, waiting to be acquired. Defying the fashion trend of designing the right life, visual artist Theo Marcia and choreographer and dancer Stephen Michel have created a ballet performance that assembles (and perhaps disassembles) a representation of a “better everyday life.” During the performance, the performer (who himself is half a man, half a piece of furniture) collects so familiar to everyone, which has become a symbol of a “better life”. shelving unit «Ikea» – the same corporation that promises “beauty for all and democratic design.” The new unexpected context of the performance turns the assembly instructions into a nostalgic song about nature, childhood and maternal warmth. September 16, 13:30.
Ticket prices – 135 shekels.

Almost every day there is some kind of evacuation, whether for economic, criminal or political reasons, or for security reasons. This may be an evacuation with the involvement of the media or secretly, under the cover of night. In any case, the groups that evacuate are opposed to the top of the capital and the nation – and these are people who have lost their homes. Through the composition of movement, architecture, video, music and documentary sound, in a twilight zone between dance and violence, viewers witness moments of evacuation on a scale of 1:1.
Using choreography, video, sound, theatre, dance, this show performance shows familiar and new forms of resistance, solidarity and coexistence, combined with a choreographic understanding of forced evacuation. On the territory between the “Theatron Yerushalayim” and “Beit Hanasi” – the official residence of the President of Israel in Jerusalem, the participants of the performance refer to the collective experience and images of the evacuations experienced and “prepare” the public to upcoming evacuations, reminding that logistics in a public space can have major, drastic and immediate implications and consequences.
Idea and staging – Omer Krieger. Participants: Metar Ariely, Eyal Brumberg, Yulia Mezhitskaya, Rima Nasser Aladin, Mika Kupfer, Tal Raviv, Shai Ramot Reichert, Nadav Sharon
Henry Crown Square in front of the Yerushalayim Theater. September 15, 19:00, 21:30.
Login – free.

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets are on sale now!

Performance by the theater group 600 Highwaymen
In “1000 Ways” There are no actors, only spectators. The three parts of the work explore and show in three ways the nature of the face-to-face encounters of people. The first way – telephone conversation, second – one-on-one meeting on the theater stage, the third – small gathering of the public. In all three parts, the action is built according to the following simple and clear instructions one after another.
Let yourself relax and give strangers a chance to bond with you for a moment.
September 15 – 16:30, 18:00, 19:30, 21:00, 22:30
September 16 – 10 :30, 12:00, 13:30, 15:00
September 18 – 16:00, 17:30, 19:00, 20:30, 22:00
September 19 – 16:00 , 17:30, 19:00, 20:30, 22:00
September 20 – 16:00, 17:30, 19:00, 20:30, 22:00
September 21 – 16 :30, 18:00, 19:30, 21:00, 22:30
September 22 – 16:30, 18:00, 19:30, 21:00, 22:30
– 50 NIS.

Sitting on two chairs pushed together in the center of the living room in a house in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, Sarah Segal lies refusing to move for fear of losing her memory. This is the living room of Nona, her eccentric grandmother, a prominent Holocaust survivor who didn't want to die.
With a unique approach to stage action that combines theatre, performance, video, cabaret and a host of highlights that are characterized by humor and sensuality, Sarah draws the audience into the center of the tornado that forms in the living room, is drawn into the toilet, rises above the vaults and returns home.
Cast: Sarah Segal, Naomi Shalev, Niv Levy, Nevo Ravivo, Eden Yehuda Cohen, Yuval Steinberg, Einav Rosilio, Tal Avraham, Deborah Segal, Dorian Brumley, Daniela Schelzer-Alexandrovich, Mika Kupfer and more
«Teatron Yerushalayim», September 21, 20:00; September 22, 19:00 and 22:00
Ticket prices – 100 NIS.

 Israel Festival 15 &ndash ; September 22, 2022 - tickets are on sale now!

DOCUMENT WITHOUT A TITLE – premiere of a mono-performance in which everything is said without being said
Ari Teperberg sits alone on stage in front of his personal computer, typing in real time on a Google Doc. We read what he prints. He describes himself letter by letter: delving into forgotten computer folders, giving links to the world around him, opening tabs leading to his life, sharing feelings and emotions, telling a lot without saying a word. In the end, everything is erased, but saved in the cloud between Ari and us – the shared memory is backed up until it disappears there as well.
“Theatron Yerushalayim”, September 15, 19:00; September 16, 12:00.
Ticket prices – 100 shekels.

GENTLE BEEP TONE – father and son meet on stage and look for a common language
On stage – two. The son is a director, dancer and artist, he loves to design unique stage mechanisms. Father is a real estate agent, a Jerusalemite with every fiber of his soul, a trumpeter to the marrow of his bones. The stage is their shared physical and emotional space. On this territory, the son feels at home, and the father is at a party. They can meet, talk, dance, sing, study and teach each other. Perhaps they will be able to abandon traditional roles and memories of the past and turn the stage into a temporary platform, a poetic space, a field for experimentation.
The work “The gentle timbre of the sound of the beep” is another premiere presented by Ari Teperberg at the Israel Festival. Both works are about connections between people, about the desire to create such connections and how difficult it is.
It is recommended to purchase tickets for both performances by Ari Teperberg, but even if you visit only one of them, it will give you the opportunity meet one of the most curious and outstanding directors of the young generation of the Israeli creative scene.
Directed by Ari Teperberg. Cast: Eli Teperberg and Ari Teperberg
Teatron Yerushalayim, September 15, 9:30 pm; September 16, 14:30.
Ticket prices – 100 shekels.

PRESENT PERFECT (“PRESENT PERFECT”) – performance-improvisation – worship of the present
There is no app or navigation app that knows how to get us here and now. Trying to connect with this elusive and sublime moment, with this ever-changing “here and now” Itay Zvulun and Daniel Koren created a show that opens the door to the present. Thanks to the sparkling combination of subtle humor, music, blissful nonsense and nonsense, improvisation and meditative basics, you can disconnect from everything and experience the never-ending miracle of the present, of what is happening “here and now”. PRESENT PERFECT is alchemy and originality, a performance that allows you to laugh insanely, then soberly and admiringly evaluate the present, peering into it.
Daniel Coren and Itai Zvulun are independent artists who produce, among other things, video films that are rapidly circulating on social media. Their work manages to convey a sense of the alchemical connection between suspenseful laughter and fast pace, along with important sayings about life and the human condition. September 17, 22:00.
Ticket prices – 100 shekels.

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

– a music and dance ceremony on the Israel-Japan axis.

An earthquake in eastern Japan forces a rescue team from Israel to fly a distance of 10,000 km and creates an amazing human relationship between a small country in the Middle East and the Land of the Rising Sun. This relationship has been going on for a decade, and it was the global pandemic that made it possible to reflect it on stage: “Boom-Pam” – Levantine surf-rock band, creating in the Japanese style – teams up with musicians and artists who follow the accepted Japanese traditions and grew up in a region where the earth literally rumbled under their feet. The result is a joint mini-album with tracks in a new musical language and a show that isolates beauty from destruction and creates based on the solidarity of the artists.
With the participation of the group “Bum-Pam” (Israel), dance group Mitobe Shishi Odori (Japan), musician Yukihoku Yotsukura (Japan) and singer Emmy Shirasaki (Japan).
With the support of the Japanese Embassy and on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel.
The square in front of the “Theatron Yerushalim”. September 21, 20:00.
Login – free.

Artistic directors: Daria Geller, Daria Shulga and Yuval Or.
For new immigrants and refugees arriving in Israel from Russia and Ukraine as a result of the ongoing war, the search for freedom is of crucial importance. In Russian and Ukrainian languages, the concept of “freedom” denoted, spelled and pronounced the same – FREEDOM.
Can you create when your freedom is in danger?
At a special evening – presentations for professional artists, artists from Ukraine and the CIS countries who came to Israel after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, existing projects in various fields of art will be presented: theater, dance, music, as well as in fine arts and cinema.
This presentation aims to prove that art is a way to support freedom, as well as to help those artists who are looking for ways to have their voices heard in a new country and in a new language
“Theatron Yerushalayim”, September 18, 18:00 – 22:00; professional event for the creative community.

Start of ticket sales – August 10, 2022

September 15-22, 2022
More information and ticketing< br />

Festival 2022 General Director – Eyal Sher, new artistic directors – Itay Mautner and Michal Vaknin. The chairman is lawyer Inbar Nacht.

The Israel Festival in Jerusalem is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Municipality of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Brach Foundation, the Lottery Authority, various embassies and cultural institutions. The festival is a member of the European Festivals Association (EFA) and the Silk Road Festivals Association.

Text prepared by Masha Khinich. All photos courtesy of Israel Festival Press Department. PR Agency:Sofia Nimelstein PR & Consulting

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!< /p>

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!< /p>

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

 Israel Festival September 15 & 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!< /p>

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets already in

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets on sale now!

 Israel Festival 15 – September 22, 2022 - tickets are on sale now!

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