Israel expects an influx of scammers and thieves

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 Israel expects an influx of scammers and thieves

Hundreds of ATM hacking scammers from Romania, Colombia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia and other Eastern European countries are expected to arrive in Israel in the near future to “earn extra money”. Such an influx of scammers is due to the difficult economic situation in the aforementioned countries.

In recent years, there have been dozens of scammers operating in Israel who specialize in ATM transactions. They caused hundreds of millions of shekels of damage to credit card companies, banks and credit card holders.

The method is quite simple: attach a reader to an ATM that records credit card details. Then it is duplicated and it can be used. Some of the duplicate cards are being sold on Telegram for several thousand shekels. The Israeli police's anti-fraud units have already arrested dozens of scammers operating in the country. They were put on trial and then deported without the possibility of returning.

Now there are fears that the scammers will go on the “hunt” again. It is already known that a group of people who flew from Bulgaria to Israel about a month ago began to operate in the Ashdod area and other cities in the southern region. It is assumed that they managed to carry out dozens of scams using credit cards of citizens who innocently withdraw money from ATMs.

Two criminals have already been caught.

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