Israel electrified by anticipation of AutoMotor 2022

 Israel electrified by waiting for AutoMotor 2022

Israel's largest motoring event, taking place on weekday Passover at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Center, will showcase new electric vehicles, new brands and advanced fast charging solutions.
< br />The grandiose Israeli car dealership AutoMotor will celebrate its 34th birthday this Passover. The show's producer, Doron Giller, promises every time that the show will feature the latest in the automotive market, and that the public will, as always, be guaranteed maximum enjoyment and an unforgettable experience.

Many importers of vehicles will take part in the showroom, and the emphasis will be on electric vehicles, which are becoming more and more on the roads of our country. EV Motors recently announced that it will show for the first time in Israel a crossover brand WM Motor, owned by tech giant Xiaomi and Chinese search engine Baidu. EV Motors will also be showcasing JAC vehicles and London's new LEVC electric taxi.

Another importer, China Motors, will showcase Chinese giant SAIC's Maxus EUNIQ 5 electric car at the show. Auto Chen will introduce the Aiways U5 electric recreational vehicle to the audience. Caduri Group will take part in the show with the Skywell brand, which will be represented by the ET5 model.
Lubinski Group, importer of Peugeot, Citroen, MG and Opel, will bring several electric vehicles of these brands at once. Geo Mobility will demonstrate Geely Geometry C. And, of course, Tesla products will be present.

But the list of showpieces does not end there. Importer UDS will present new urban electric vehicles Sunshine M2 and Lychee – the smallest electric cars you've ever seen. There is a place for two-wheeled transport: AGM Dan will show the most advanced scooter in the world – STORM.

AutoMotor 2022 will operate during the four intervening days of Passover, from Sunday, April 17 to Wednesday, April 20. The exposition of importers will be only one part of the Israeli motor show, and a stadium for extreme racing with a covered grandstand will also be built on the territory of the exhibition center.

There will be at least four extreme shows, in which Ariel Dadia, the Israeli motocross champion and long jump record holder on motocross motorcycles, will take part. A 4×4 track will be built, road bike freestyle shows and spectacular drift shows will be held (don't worry, they have a huge stock of tires in store as usual).

And that is not all. Luxurious supercars from prestigious brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche, cars worth millions of shekels, await you in the huge air-conditioned AutoMotor halls. Exhibition of motorcycles with a special design, made to order. Master classes in car tuning, which will present rare design, service and technological solutions, as in foreign TV projects.

Spectators will be invited to an epic party of music and food that will take place throughout the four days of the show in a hall dedicated entirely to motorcycles from the superbrands Harley Davidson and Triumph. In addition to the classic products of these two brands, another spacious room will be devoted to technological innovations in the industry: from innovations in the field of electric charging to batteries, simulators, virtual reality, security systems, vehicle care accessories, navigation, accessories and patents for professionals and the general public. . For the first time in Israel, solutions for fast charging of electric vehicles will be presented, including for charging hydrogen engines.

Ravmotor CEO and AutoMotor Dealership Producer Doron Giller says: “We are excited to see car importers returning to the show this year and realizing that this is the main stage for showcasing all new products. We aim to tailor our event for both car enthusiasts and families who want to have a quality holiday, so this year we have enriched the program, increased the number and nature of the experience that the entrance ticket offers and that distinguishes this exhibition from all other events taking place on the days of Passover.

And put one more surprise for visitors: they will be the first to see Pentaxi – autonomous urban aircraft for the transport of passengers. An Israeli startup will for the first time present a model of a flying taxi capable of taking off vertically, covering a distance of 320 km and carrying four passengers or 400 kg of cargo. A kind of helicopter with five engines, safe, economical, not too noisy and allows you to bypass all traffic jams.
Israel has been developing autonomous aircraft since the 1970s, and today our country has become one of the world leaders in their production and sale, occupying 61% of this market. The founders of Pentaxi are pioneers in the development of UAVs in Israel, and in 2018 they decided to use their accumulated knowledge and experience to create an autonomous electric flying vehicle that will give people new opportunities to move around in large cities and change their quality of life. This is the third model of the company, which is a finished product, not a prototype. It was designed by Professor Alex Padva, who also designed the Israeli Bereshit spacecraft.

Pentaxi CEO Uri Tamari says that in three years the flying taxi will be part of our daily lives, and you will probably you'll be driving it to work, but for now, you can only see this vehicle of the future at AutoMotor 2022 in Tel Aviv!

Practical information:

Tickets of different types (individual, couples or family) can be purchased through pre-sale on the website and app or by calling 9066*.
Admission for children under 5 years old is free.
Tickets can also be purchased in advance through work committees and consumer clubs. During the days of the exhibition, tickets will be sold at the box office of the exhibition center.

Recommendations of the exhibition organizers:

To avoid traffic jams, it is advisable for guests from all over the country to come to the exhibition by train. Follow to the station «Universitet– Exhibition Center”, which is located about 100 meters from the entrance to the exhibition. Those arriving by car are advised to park in the parking lots of the Ganei Yoshua Park, the Sports Palace in the Drive-In area and in the Adar Yosef parking lots.

Official website of the exhibition:

Photo from the 2021 exhibition – Sergey Demyanchuk

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