Israel develops first naval “Iron Dome”

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 Israel developed the first marine “Iron Dome”

The Israeli Navy, the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, in a joint statement, said that the naval configuration of the Iron Dome system C-Dome successfully completed extended testing.

“C-Dome skillfully identified threats and successfully intercepted them by launching Iron Dome interceptor missiles from the sea,” – Moshe Patel, head of the IDF's Missile Defense Directorate, said.

Rafael Executive Vice President Ran Gozali, head of the Israeli company's Land and Naval Systems Directorate, said the C-Dome is “the first in its sort of an operational solution for maritime defense.”

The joint statement said that recent tests “simulated real threats and included successful detection and interception of targets by the system in complex scenarios.” Iron Dome has successfully intercepted both missiles and drones.

Patel added that the naval configuration promotes operational flexibility and has become part of the State of Israel's multi-layered missile and air defense system.

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