Israel Denies Entry to Families of Lion's Den Terrorists

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 Israel denied entry to the families of the Lion's Den terrorists

On Sunday, October 16, Israel withdrew entry permits for 164 family members of Lion's Den operatives. The corresponding statement was made in COGAT after an assessment conducted by Defense Minister Benny Gantz. More than 2,500 work permits for family members of terrorists were revoked last year, according to Israeli media. “Terrorists who hide in the heart of the civilian population in Nablus must know that their identity is well known to the security system and that their chosen path of terror will affect their families, who will not be able to continue to earn money in Israel,” — said the head of COGAT, Major General Ghassan Alian. Earlier, high-ranking Palestinian officials warned Lion's Den militants in Jenin that if they continue their terrorist activities, they will be destroyed from the air with drones or ground fire.

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