Israel claims to have destroyed 90% of Iran's military operations in Syria

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 Israel claims to have destroyed 90% of Iran's military operations in Syria

The Israeli military has destroyed about 90% of Iran's military infrastructure and is trying to gain a foothold in Syria, senior defense officials said over the weekend.

Officials said persons, Israel in recent years has managed to almost completely limit Iran's ability to supply weapons to Syria, produce weapons in the country and create bases of pro-Iranian forces in it.

According to sources, the plan of the former commander of the Iranian Quds" Qassem Soleimani, who was killed by the Americans in 2020, fell through due to the ongoing IDF air campaign against forces in Syria. The latest alleged attack attributed to Israel in Syria came on Friday, when local media reported that the IDF carried out an airstrike near the airport in Damascus.

According to Western media, a factory where Iranian UAVs were assembled was destroyed. According to the Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center (SOHR), the destroyed facility contained equipment intended for the assembly of UAVs.

According to SOHR sources, Iranian-made military equipment was located near the Dimas military airport in the southeast Syria.

In addition, a radar station and an airstrip were disabled by missiles. No casualties were reported in the strikes.

Security officials stressed that the IDF had seriously disrupted Iranian smuggling routes to Syria by sea, air and even land.

As a result of the attacks Syria's ability to produce weapons and ammunition has also suffered, as the Iranians and Hezbollah used the same factories to produce their weapons.

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