Israel braces for possible escalation after Shabbat attacks

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 Israel prepares for possible escalation after Shabbat attacks < /p>

Defense Minister Yoav Galant and Police Chief Kobi Shabtai have agreed to increase IDF assistance to police in several areas following the attacks in Jerusalem.


“I have instructed the security authorities to intensify defense work, paying special attention to the area around Jerusalem, as well as to increase deterrence and preventive action against anyone who is involved or plans to harm the civilian population.” ;,” Galant said.

The Minister added that he had ordered “to consider a number of options for imposing sanctions against terrorists and their families.”

“We will not allow a situation in which a person who has received rights from the State of Israel kills and Israeli citizens and remains a resident of the country,” he stressed.

According to KAN, the defense establishment is concerned that there may be imitators who will try to repeat the attacks, inspired by the terrorist attack at the synagogue in Neve Yaakov. It is noted that the main task now is to prevent the escalation of security, reduce tensions and prevent the situation from worsening before the third intifada. The security forces will try to achieve this by increasing the presence of forces on the ground in case of need for an immediate response, creating deterrence, preventing friction and placing additional forces in the area of ​​the contact line.

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