Israel began to use Paxlovid Pfizer

 Paxlovid Pfizer started to be used in Israel

The Maccabi Health Insurance Fund published data on Monday showing that more than 90% of those who contracted the coronavirus and received Paxlovid Pfizer felt much better after three days.

Head of Maccabi Department Dr. Miri Mizrahi Reuveni says: “The results of the survey show the quality of treatment, its effectiveness and importance in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and especially in the midst of the current wave.”

At the moment, the drug received 850 patients. Treatment consists of taking three tablets twice a day for five days, starting as early as possible and no later than five days after the patient's first symptoms appear. This treatment is suitable for those with mild to moderate illness who are at risk.

Clinical trial data showed that when treatment was started within three days of the onset of symptoms, the number of hospitalizations and deaths decreased by 89% compared to placebo.

The drug began to be used in Israel on January 3.

Of those who received the treatment, 60% felt better within the first day, and 92% — in three days. Patients reported a reduction in general symptoms and a decrease in temperature.

Among Maccabi members who started treatment, 6% decided to discontinue treatment due to side effects. Among the 62% of participants who suffered side effects, a third had a bitter metallic taste, 18% had diarrhea, 11% reported loss of taste or smell, 7% had muscle aches and 4% had a headache.
So far, no patient treated with Paxlovid Pfizer has died.

About 25% of those who were offered this drug refused it.

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