Israel and WHO to create cutting-edge digital health center

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 Israel and WHO to establish cutting-edge digital health center

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This morning, Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog opened the 72nd session of the European Committee of the World Health Organization. Held this week in Tel Aviv, this three-day conference brings together health ministers and high-level delegates from 53 Member States WHO European Region, Haruts Sheva reports.

During his speech, the Duke made a number of statements. For example, he announced that he is working with WHO to create a center of excellence for digital health.

“Israel is home to countless pioneering medical technology start-ups that push the boundaries of the human imagination. Together with European and international institutions, we can develop breakthroughs that will enable people to live healthier and longer lives. In this vein, I am pleased to announce that Israel will work with WHO to establish a cutting-edge digital health center that provides high-quality and innovative care in all corners of the world,” said the President of Israel.

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