“Israel and the US are weakening the Palestinian leadership”

Senior Political Adviser to PA Foreign Minister Riad Malki Ahmad al-Dik told The Jerusalem Post that Israel's measures and “indecision” The US is weakening the Palestinian leadership.

According to him, the actions and “violations” by Israel have caused the PA to lose the confidence of the Palestinians.

“The Israeli government says it wants to strengthen the Palestinian Authority. However, the measures and actions of the Israeli government on the ground actually weaken the PA

Where are the confidence-building measures that are talked about every now and then? These measures do not exist. The [Israeli] government says day and night that it will not negotiate with the Palestinians. This closes the door to the political process with the Palestinians, and also eliminates the Palestinian issue,” al-Dik said.

He also accused the US of undermining the PA and “presenting it to the Palestinians as if it were out of touch with reality.” Al-Dik expressed his disappointment that the US administration is not fulfilling its promises and commitments to the Palestinians:

“Unfortunately, the US administration has not fulfilled these obligations to date. We are amazed at the indecision of the US administration , especially with regard to putting real pressure on the Israeli government to stop the construction of settlements. The settlements pose a real threat to the prospects for the implementation of the two-state solution.

Al-Dik emphasized that such a US position “cannot be understood by the Palestinians.”

“We want them to reopen the US Consulate in Jerusalem. We are also surprised that this administration, unlike previous administrations, has not appointed a special envoy for peace in the Middle East,” a Palestinian official said.

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