Israel and PA agree to deliver water to Palestinian farmers

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 Israel and PA agree to deliver water to Palestinian farmers

The Israeli Civil Administration has issued a construction permit to the Palestinian Water Authority for the construction of a main pipeline to transport treated wastewater from the Al-Bira treatment plant near Ramallah. Water will be supplied to Palestinian farmers in the Jericho Valley for agricultural use.

The 30 km pipeline will carry 2.5-3.5 million cubic meters per year of much-needed, well-purified water.

The existing infrastructure for pumping and treating water in the Jordan Valley is gradually deteriorating and the impact of climate change is intensifying . In addition, untreated sewage damages the Nahal Prat Nature Reserve by polluting springs. The construction of a new highway and wastewater treatment should solve the problem and save the reserve.

The successful negotiations between the Israeli Civil Administration and the Palestinian Water Authority were facilitated by the Arava Institute – a leading academic and research institution in Israel that promotes cross-border environmental cooperation in the face of acute political conflict.

After four years of meetings, field studies, reports and projects, the final plans were presented and approved, and last week was a building permit has been issued.

"Water — valuable resource. However, this is not as rare a resource as trust. This work, based on relationships and trust, demonstrates that regional cooperation is possible and, in fact, necessary to address the environmental challenges that grow with climate impacts. Such agreements will keep the region resilient and ensure that these farmers do not become climate refugees,” — said Dr. Tarek Abu Hamed, Executive Director of the Arawa Institute.

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