Israel allows more than 99% of abortions

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 Over 99% of abortions are allowed in Israel

Amid the scandal in America over the ban on abortion, the Israeli media publishes information about the situation with abortion in Israel.

According to the law, abortions are authorized by a special committee. Abortion is permitted when the woman is under 18 or over 40, unmarried or not pregnant by her husband, or when the pregnancy is the result of a forbidden relationship, when a child may be born with a physical or mental defect, when the pregnancy jeopardizes the woman's mental or mental health. In cases where the pregnancy is more than 24 weeks, the issue of abortion is considered by a special committee.

The cost of an abortion for those who are not covered by health insurance does not exceed 3,500 shekels.

In 2020 16,492 cases of termination of pregnancy were considered, 99.6% were resolved.

The number of abortions in Israel has dropped dramatically over the past 20 years – by about 27%.

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