Israel accelerates development of Arrow-4 due to threat of Iranian hypersonic missiles

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 Israel accelerates development of Arrow-4 due to threat of Iranian hypersonic missiles

While Israeli intelligence seeks confirmation of Iran's recent claim of successful development of a hypersonic ballistic missile, the IDF is already gearing up and has been ramping up efforts over the past two months to develop countermeasures against a potential new threat .

Concerns about hypersonic weapons are not new, and a few years ago Israel began work on the advanced Arrow-4 interceptor as soon as it became clear that Iran was working on new versions of long-range missiles, including cruise missiles. But once Israeli intelligence confirmed that hypersonic Missiles are among Iranian interests, and appreciated that Tehran is trying to get the relevant technology, especially from North Korea, the defense industry has received a new impetus to counter this threat.

Details of these developments are classified, but MoD sources say the focus is on helping Israeli defense companies develop better early warning sensors and systems designed to intercept long-range missiles, including hypersonic ones.

The Missile Defense Directorate of the Israeli Defense Ministry coordinates related projects carried out by some Israeli defense companies. This is funded mainly by special budgets designed to eliminate a very serious threat.

“Many eyes in the sky are watching every slightest a sign that may indicate the level of threats from these weapons systems”, — said a senior defense source linked to the Israeli missile defense operation.

An Israeli expert who spoke to Breaking Defense on condition of anonymity said that, unlike ballistic missiles, it is impossible to predict the target of a hypersonic missile. makes intercepting such missiles more difficult, he added, requiring a combination of interceptors, some of which are in Israel and others are still under development.

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