Israel: 700,000 people awaiting new passports

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 Israel: 700,000 people awaiting new passports

The director of the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority, Tomer Moskowitz, is confident that the measures taken by the Office will reduce the number of Israelis waiting for a new passport. To date, 700,000 people have applied for a passport.

Among the measures taken, Moskowitz noted the opening of a new office in Bnei Brak, where Israelis can get a temporary passport for 400 shekels. Payment is made online, as the office itself does not accept payments. This is a cheaper alternative to a similar office at Ben Gurion Airport, which issues such passports for 820 shekels. By the end of May, 5,000 people will receive international passports at the office of Bnei Brak.

The change in the working hours of the factory that produces forms will significantly speed up the process of obtaining international passports. shifts. In addition, the Population and Immigration Administration is expanding its staff. 20 new employees have already been hired and another 60 are planned to be hired in June.

Moskowitz believes that the improvement in the situation – a matter of days.

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